The New “Shot On iPhone” Campaign Is An Actual Shot In The Dark

Apple commissioned amateur and pro photographers to create 25 images that show how the camera captures low light images.

WHAT: The latest “Shot on iPhone” campaign from Apple.


WHO: The company commissioned pro and amateur photographers including Reuben Wu, Ruairidh McGlynn, and more for the campaign.

WHY WE CARE: The “Shot on iPhone” campaign has done a fine job of showing the range of colors and depth of images that the phone is capable of capturing–but one of the white whales of phone cameras has long been low-light images, which often come off as grainy, blurry, and dim (if they come off at all). Apple wants you to know the camera on the iPhone 7 is equipped to pull those shots off, though–and to get that point across, they tapped a number of pro and amateur photographers and sent them out around the world on November 5, 2016, to get shots in ice caves in the Arctic; in active volcanoes in Java, Indonesia; in Icelandic tundra; in Johannesburg nightclubs; and more. The results are shots that are bright, rich, and vibrant–and which will be on display in 25 countries as of Monday.

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