This Amazing Kellyanne Cosplay Has Other Protesters Shook

We may have found a new gold standard for creative defiance in costume form.

This Amazing Kellyanne Cosplay Has Other Protesters Shook

The first full week of Donald Trump’s presidency is not even finished and already it’s felt like a gauntlet of rotten eggnog balloons pelting our faces at every turn. If there is any good news at all, it’s that acts of defiance are arriving equally fast and furious. There was the Badlands rogue Twitterer who defied a gag order, not to mention the largest exodus from the state department in modern times, as former Exxon CEO and literal Friend of Russia Rex Tillerson was learning the ropes. Along with these brave and selfless acts, though, Co.Create has also seen a lot of creative resistance on a grassroots level.

This past week, we had a hell of a lot to say and display about the atmosphere at the recent inauguration protests and Women’s March. Then there was the enormous RESIST banner that a group of Greenpeace protesters unfurled from a crane across from the White House. At the moment, however, there is a major protest happening in Philadelphia to push back against the GOP Retreat currently in progress. While there are sure to be brilliant signs and other accouterment scattered around the city, one man has seemingly already won the day. Pictured below is one of the most striking forms of protest we at Co.Create have seen. It’s a man dressed in Kellyanne Conway’s highly derided inauguration outfit–an outfit at least one Twitterer thought looked like “a knock-of Barbie that a flag vomited on”–and he’s holding a sign (with a tiny, Mattel-like logo on the bottom, in keeping with the Barbie theme) that touts her even more derided term to describe press secretary Sean Spicer’s lies, “alternative facts.” After getting owned by Merriam-Webster on Twitter, though, this would probably be a less bitter pill for Conway to swallow.

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