So This Lady Totally Wants To Have Sex With Mr. Clean

Everybody has their thing. Hers just happens to be a 59-year-old brand mascot in the Super Bowl.

So This Lady Totally Wants To Have Sex With Mr. Clean

WHAT: Mr. Clean’s Super Bowl ad in which a woman is seduced by the animated mascot’s come-hither cleaning prowess.

WHO: Mr. Clean, Leo Burnett Toronto

WHY WE CARE: We live in an age of rebooted mascots. KFC seems to hire a new Colonel every month. There was the hipster Hamburglar. Now P&G has made Mr. Clean–the bald, white-clad tidy man first introduced in 1958–into an animated cross between a male stripper and what Pitbull will probably look like in retirement. And “Sarah” is really into it.

Look, who are we to judge. We also live in a world where furries exist. And who’s to say attraction to brand mascots is all that new? Just look at the way this dad ogled Dig Em. Still, let’s not make this a trend. No one wants to see Mom (or Dad) get all steamy when Tony The Tiger makes everyone breakfast.

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