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#ThrowbackThursday To The Milla Jovovich Music Video Directed By Lisa Bonet

And also the second version that came after it when Jovovich wasn’t feeling Bonet’s cut. Ouch.

#ThrowbackThursday To The Milla Jovovich Music Video Directed By Lisa Bonet

Milla Jovovich has spent six films spanning the course of 15 years tirelessly taking the Umbrella corporation to task as Alice in the Resident Evil franchise. And now, she’s reached her last stand in the aptly titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Critically panned but a massive commercial success, particularly in the context of the Hollywood’s otherwise ham-fisted game-to-film adaptations, Resident Evil and its indefatigable lead deserve a worthy swan song–so why not pull one from Jovovich’s own catalog?

In addition to acting, fashion designing, and modeling, Jovovich has also been known to bust out a ditty here and there. Her debut album in 1994, The Divine Comedy, featured her noteworthy single “Gentleman Who Fell,” a folksy track that got a second life eight years later on the soundtrack for The Rules of Attraction.

If you search for the video, you might be baffled as to why there are two versions. Lisa Bonet (yes, Denise from The Cosby Show) directed the first version, which, apparently, Jovovich wasn’t all too crazy about.

So a second, and decidedly artsier, video was shot at Jovovich’s request. Which one do you prefer?

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