Why Resy Is One Of The Most Innovative Companies Of 2017

The service feeds our desire to be VIP diners.

Why Resy Is One Of The Most Innovative Companies Of 2017
[Photo: Unsplash user Patryk Sobczak]

Resy uses technology to enhance the restaurant experience. Eaters book via a slick reservations app, and restaurateurs use Resy software to reduce no-shows and help staff deliver personalized service. Last year, that combo helped the startup reach 1 million registered users and colonize 1,000 restaurants across 50 cities, each paying up to $899 a month for a subscription. Unlike its reservations-centric rivals, “we’re thinking past the host stand,” says cofounder Ben Leventhal.

1. Easy Communication

Resy notifies users when tables open up at exclusive spots. Guests can text if they’re running late or bringing extra people. A new partnership with Airbnb will soon allow travelers to book dining with their rooms.

2. Streamlined Customer Service

Managers can use Resy to track what Leventhal calls “micro-events”—small interactions that create memorable experiences. Union Square Hospitality Group uses Resy (via an Apple Watch app) to expedite wine service, signal coat check, and recall regulars’ orders.

3. Data Distribution

Restaurants can choose to share receipt info with other businesses to spot diners who are particularly active or who have specific preferences. “If you get treated as a regular the first time you walk through the door, you are coming back,” says Leventhal.

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