How Casper Brings Playfulness To Mattress Shopping

How Casper Brings Playfulness To Mattress Shopping
[Photo: courtesy of Casper]

A Shoppable Playhouse

Casper’s new showrooms are designed like two-dimensional houses, with furniture, windows, and other homey details painted on the walls. The only thing in 3-D? The mattresses.

Mobile Naps

The company decked out an RV with nap pods and visited more than 20 cities on a countrywide tour last year. People at events like Pride Festival in Portland, Oregon, and Chicago’s Ribfest were invited to pop in for a snooze, complete with a pre-recorded bedtime story.

Social Outreach

Last fall Casper created a pop-culture-savvy text bot, Insomnobot3000, for users to message when they can’t sleep. And on its Snapchat channel, it posts weekly waffle reviews—because breakfast is important too.

Pillow Talk

Casper is no longer simply sponsoring other people’s podcasts. For the company’s recent eight-episode series, In Your Dreams, comedians and hosts Chris Gethard and Gary Richardson analyzed listeners’ nighttime visions.

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