For The Next 100 Days, These Artists Will Release Art About What Makes America Great

After the election, Jon Stewart talked about the fact that Trump never defined what, exactly, would make America “great.” For the next 100 days, 100 artists from the Creative Action Network will release artwork that illustrates why America already is.

Plurality by Juana Medina

“The minute after the results came in on election night, we started hearing from our artists, ‘What are we going to do? We’ve got to do something, what’s the plan?'” says Max Slavkin, cofounder and CEO of the Creative Action Network, a global community of artists and designers that runs campaigns on social issues.

“We wanted to do something that wasn’t just, you know, angrily yelling about [the results], and something that could try to add to the conversation and help in this moment,” he says.

They took inspiration from Stewart’s observation–and the fact that even Trump’s opponents hadn’t clearly articulated what can be celebrated about the country now.

Immigration by Chris Lozos

“We heard people say on the campaign trail, ‘America already is great,’ but not all of the detail from anyone about exactly why that is, or what would make it even greater, or how we’ll know when it’s great,” says Slavkin. “There was just a really glaring lack of specificity there.”

The posters focus on religious freedom, immigration, resilience, and numerous other themes.


All of the artwork will be available for sale as prints, with 10% of proceeds going to DreamCorps, the social justice accelerator founded by Van Jones to make progress on causes like green jobs and criminal justice reform.

The first print to launch celebrates civil disobedience. “It kind of felt the right thing to be celebrating on inauguration day–the work of all the organizers and activists who are making the most of this moment to be heard with their marches and other actions,” says Slavkin.