The Pixar Shared Universe Theory Just Got a Big Boost . . . From Pixar

A new video from Pixar shows the easter eggs in each of their films that just may connect them all together.

The Pixar Shared Universe Theory Just Got a Big Boost . . . From Pixar

WHAT: A new video full of Pixar easter eggs, linking all the studio’s movies together.

WHO: The team at Pixar.

WHY WE CARE: Pixar is way more than just a sadness lab. It’s the studio whose emotional storytelling transformed expectations for what an animated film can accomplish. Pixar has created a body of work that, although perhaps a bit too sequel-packed of late, encompasses dozens of memorable original characters. But as one fan pointed out years ago, those characters may actually belong to a shared universe. With the release of a new video from the studio, touting its easter eggs, that theory has been all but confirmed. Unlike the last video Co.Create saw surfacing Pixar’s hidden treasures, this one focuses solely on the connections that link one film to the next–Arlo the dinosaur from The Good Dinosaur, for instance, appears as a toy in Toy Story. This video is the closest the studio has come to outright admitting that the worlds of these movies coexist. Now if only we could get Adam Sandler to publicly acknowledge the Sandlerverse…

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