12 Facebook Groups To Join Before Quitting Your Day Job To Work For Yourself

One entrepreneur says Facebook is a bottomless resource for first-time business owners. You just have to know where to look.

12 Facebook Groups To Join Before Quitting Your Day Job To Work For Yourself
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I now generate 95% of my consulting clients through Facebook groups. But even before I built up my business on the social network, I relied on a handful of Facebook groups to learn the ropes as a first-time entrepreneur. In fact, I quickly discovered that there’s a group for everything. Whether it’s focused on automated software for “solopreneurs” or on tips for building your first sales funnel, Facebook groups are a hugely helpful resource for new business owners who are just getting started.


That is, if you know where to look. Even a year ago, I had no real idea which Facebook groups to join. But since then, I’ve become much more savvy about hunting down groups that’ll be useful to my business and skipping those that won’t. And while it isn’t comprehensive or an endorsement of individual groups by Fast Company, this list might prove a great starting point for new entrepreneurs who are looking to tap into the power of Facebook groups.

Building A New Business

Screw the Nine to Five Community. Are you fed up with your nine-to-five job and ready to have a go as an entrepreneur? If so, this might be a great group to join first. From learning how to monetize your blog to building a membership site, this group is a supportive community of people navigating similar challenges. And the types of discussions that take place are all animated by the goal of giving two weeks’ notice and designing a new lifestyle instead.

Freedom Hackers Mastermind. The host, Kimra Luna, doesn’t advertise this group as one specifically for nine to fivers looking to leave their jobs and become entrepreneurs, but those folks tend to migrate here. If you’re looking to grow your side hustle or get serious about starting your business this year, start here for actionable advice that ranges from branding to video marketing.

Millennial Entrepreneur Community. This group is a great mix of up-and-coming millennial entrepreneurs and newbies making their way in the entrepreneurial space. You can ask virtually any question about growing your business, and someone in the group will chime in to get you headed in the right direction.


The Ad Strategist Insiders. If you’re trying to run your own Facebook ads for your small business, this is where you’ll want to start. The host of this group, Amanda Bond, created the best Facebook ads course I’ve ever taken (and I’ve taken quite a few), and she gives away tons of free advice in this group. Don’t be afraid to ask questions—this group is full of people who can help you sidestep every pitfall you’re bound to face creating Facebook ads.

The Front Row. Another great group for social media marketing, this one goes beyond Facebook ads and helps you learn the latest strategies and tactics for leveraging a whole slate of social platforms. Be sure to check out the “Files” section for tons of free resources.


Market Like a Nerd. Want to learn how to work smarter, not harder as a first-time business owner? (Of course you do.) This group is full of actionable advice on how to build your business while avoiding burnout. Learn all about the systems you can put in place that allow elements of your business to run on autopilot, and how to get those quick cash injections you need.

Marketing Solved. Ready to take your email marketing to the next level? This group helps small business owners break down complicated marketing strategies so they’re ready to implement, from email marketing to social media and other online tools.

Global Speakers, Radio Show Hosts, Authors, Publishers & Media Experts. If you’re looking for speaking gigs or media opportunities to get your name and business out there, this is a great place to start. Host Patty Farmer is an experienced speaker, radio host, and author who shares tips, puts out calls for speaking proposals, and facilitates collaboration and partnerships between members.

Sales And Passive Income

Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate. Sorry gents, but this group is women only. If you’re a woman who’s starting your own business but don’t know what a sales funnel is or how to create one, this group is for you. Its host, Stephanie Nickolich, went from $100,000 in credit card debt to a seven-figure business built largely on passive income streams. She does a great job of teaching members a basic understanding of sales funnels and provides a great deal of actionable advice in her live video training sessions.

Straight Up Entrepreneurs. Sales mentor Aaron Janx leads this group, which describes itself as a place for “real-talking, straight-shooting, no-BSing, tell-it-like-it-is, anti-flowery hustlers”–but basically, it’s a group for entrepreneurs sharing their sales strategies. If you’re ready to start scaling your business, this is a great Facebook group to tap into.

Teachers’ Lounge for Entrepreneurs. Are you ready to create your first course? Lindsay Padilla, “The Rebel Professor,” is a recently retired sociology professor who uses her years of teaching experience to show entrepreneurs how to expand their reach by launching coursework. Everything you need to know about teaching and learning can be found inside this group, which also includes phenomenal live instruction from experts in a variety of fields—such as launch strategy and publicity—every week.



Blog + Biz BFFs. If you’re looking to grow the audience for your blog or start monetizing it, this group is a great resource with engaged members who are quick to jump in and help. From choosing the right plugins and themes to branding and engagement, this group covers a lot of territory when it comes to monetizing content and developing a readership.

Again, this rundown is just the tip of the iceberg. The more you look, the more you’ll find vibrant communities of new and experienced entrepreneurs and independent workers who share their knowledge and support with one another. But if you need help making the most out of these groups once you dive in, you can steal the strategy that’s worked for me.

Kristi A. Dosh is a publicist and the founder of Guide My Brand. Formerly a finance attorney, she is also a nationally recognized sports business analyst and a published author.