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DJ Khaled Has A Video Game And It’s Completely Insane

Explore an imaginary prehistoric version of Miami, complete with ‘Veloci-Rappers.’

DJ Khaled Has A Video Game And It’s Completely Insane

If you ever wanted to play a video game where you’re DJ Khaled fighting dinosaurs on a jet ski, you’ve gotten your wish.

“Secure The Bag” is a new branded mobile and desktop game that promotes the new Timberland x DJ Khaled boot collection, which launches in store and online at Champs Sports on January 25. The look of the retro-style game is actually pretty simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. When you die, a screen comes up that says, “You Played Yourself,” which is cute. And Khaled, the king of branded content, has an interesting history with Champs — he used to work there and would sneak his mixtape into customers’ new shoes. So he’s come full circle. And this time he’s bringing dinosaurs.

Created by digital agency AKQA, “Secure The Bag” stars an ’80s pixelated Khaled as he time-travels through three weird imagined alternate versions of Miami. In Prehistoric Miami hop over “Veloci-Rappers” and lizards spinning records. In Future Miami, leap over radioactive goo and “hype beasts,” which are “tech-savvy, hover-boarding robots,” according to the press release.

And in Viking Miami, well, I’ll just let the press release speak for itself: “The first thing the Vikings did upon discovery was throw a major beach party in Miami with giant sand castles, beach volleyball, and extra-long jet-ski-Viking-ships to bring back the best tan lines and vibes.” Khaled should be writing history books.

You can play the game over at Champs Sports on desktop and mobile.


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