A24’s Mysterious Drop, Nike’s New Creative Director: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

The return of Gus Fring, Wealthsimple’s indie investment ad, and Angel Soft aims for Dad’s heart.

A24’s Mysterious Drop, Nike’s New Creative Director: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Well, we’ve seen the surprise (or “surprise”) album drop become the almost-norm in music, so it should come as no shock that others would want to snag for themselves some of the marketing and buzz advantages of catching a public accustomed to knowing every detail about everything before it even happens (see: any new tech product or blockbuster film) completely unaware. We’ve seen it in fashion with Alexander Wang’s collection with Adidas Originals, and now this week studio A24 pulled it off with a chilling new sci-fi trailer to a completely unknown film. Calculated and creeeeepy. Onward!


A24 “Untitled”

What: An untitled, unannounced new sci-fi film trailer from studio A24
Who: A24
Why We Care: In a world where everyone knows everything, the marketer with some mystery is king. Or something. Or if not king, than at least pretty damn interesting, right? The eerie look and tone of the trailer plays perfectly into the whole untitled, unannounced vibe in a way that, say, the new CHIPs trailer probably couldn’t pull off.

Wealthsimple “Mad World”

What: Canadian fintech company Wealthsimple goes all in on an indie vibe to pitch its investment platform, with an ad that could easily be mistaken for a movie trailer.
Who: Wealthsimple
Why We Care: Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Dope) amid a collection of quirky characters first made us think this was a new indie flick trailer, or maybe a new experimental comedy for FX. The ad for Toronto-based Wealthsimple only ran in Canada during the Golden Globes, but it deserves a wider audience. Buy low, sell high.

Nike “do you believe in more?”

What: Artist FKA twigs creative directed a new ad for Nike Women that also teases her newest song, “Trust In Me.”
Who: Nike, FKA Twigs
Why We Care: The gentle, warm economic embrace between streetwear brands and music artists continues, with FKA twigs joining the likes of Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, among others, to put her name alongside a logo. It’s a fun collaboration, with the brand ceding all creative control over the campaign to FKA twigs, which puts the athletic brand’s women’s line through some seriously artistic paces.

AMC “Los Pollos Hermanos”

What: An AMC promo for season three of Better Call Saul, disguised as a fabulously fake ad for Breaking Bad character Gus Fring’s fictional fast-feeder
Who: AMC
Why We Care: The beauty of a prequel series is that you can dip into material already known by the bulk of your fan base, and by the looks of this and actor Giancarlo Esposito’s Twitter feed, notorious Breaking Bad character Gus Fring is back and we’ll get to learn about his rise to power within both the drug and local fast-food chicken trades.

Angel Soft “Just Dad”

What: Probably the first toilet paper ad that will make you cry.
Who: Angel Soft, Deutsch
Why We Care: Welp, here we are. Now they’ve got us all blubbery over a toilet paper commercial. This could be peak sadvertising. But damn if it isn’t a helluva way to sell a slightly awkward product. It’s a long way from making us shamelessly giggle with inanimate objects and barely disguised poop jokes, but still.

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