This Guy Casually Read Fake Books By Trump On The Subway, And People Lost It

WHAT: A special “Unpresidented” edition of Taking Fake Book Covers On the Subway.

WHO: Comedian Scott Rogowsky of the funny YouTube channel, Running Late Show.

WHY WE CARE: The irony of Taking Fake Book Covers On the Subway is that the project’s title is the very definition of “Does what it says on the tin,” while the project itself is just about the opposite of that. When the original video premiered last April, it scored over 5 million views from Rogowsky sitting on the subway casually reading books with fake covers, like Mein Kampf: for Kids! In this brand new, and timely, Trump That Book edition, the comedian is at it again with presidential titles like How to Succeed In Business Without Paying Your Contractors. (Fact: Donald Trump does not pay his contractors sometimes!) Rogowsky also makes room for the rest of the cabinet, though, with gems like Prejudice and Prejudice by Mike Pence. Of course, the best part just may be watching random straphangers react to these books when they don’t know whether this is a video.