If You’re Not Quite Sure About A Standing Desk, This One Lets You Go Halfsies

The Edge Desk is foldable and portable and probably not quite as good for you as a standing desk

Can’t decide between a healthy standing desk and a deadly sitting desk? Then we have just the thing for you: a kneeling desk. Now you can enjoy the discomfort of standing up with the health drawbacks of sitting, all wrapped up in one dorky-looking device.


It’s called the Edge Desk, and Edge’s PR folks claim that it is the perfect desk for Millennials. Why? Because “It’s the perfect solution for anyone working in a tight space, or on-the-go.” In other words, if you can’t afford anything but a tiny apartment, and you’re used to being fired from your jobs at startups on a regular basis, it pays to have a desk that can come with you. And remember, Millennials hate cars, so you need to be able to take the thing on the subway.

Luckily for cash-strapped youngsters with no hope of job security, the $350 Edge Desk checks all of the above boxes. It folds flat, and is apparently light enough to carry on the train. Once you arrive at your destination, you can unfold it and get to work, although that may take a little longer than you expect, if these complicated 8-step instructions are anything to go by.

There are some neat features to this kneeling desk. First is that you can tilt the desk surface itself to any angle, from totally flat (eating soup), to a slight gradient (notebook computer), to a steep angle (to use it as a drawing board). I guess it’s also neat to always have a familiar desk as you shuffle from employer to employer.

The be realistic, though, the Edge Desk is most likely to be used either at home, or as a spare desk for interns. Because it folds flat, you can keep it under the sofa of your tiny city apartment until you find a freelance gig, and then store it away for another few months until the next job rolls around. So in that sense, it really is perfect for Millennials.

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