• 01.12.17

360-Degree Technology May Outshine Tom Brady As The Star Of Intel’s Super Bowl

CMO Steve Fund on the brand’s Super Bowl ad starring the New England QB, and the marketing advantage of making the game better for fans.

360-Degree Technology May Outshine Tom Brady As The Star Of Intel’s Super Bowl

As any great film director will tell you, you can make anything dramatic and exciting with the right camera angle, perspective, and soundtrack. Just ask all the typing scenes in The Social Network. For Super Bowl LI, Intel is betting that it’s 360-degree technology that will be featured for replays during the big game, is so mind-blowing that it can make even the most mundane task seem epic. Like Tom Brady brushing his teeth.


That’s exactly what we see in the brand’s new Super Bowl ad, created with agency mcgarrybowen, starring the New England Patriots QB. We also see him yawn, and eat a pancake. Intel chief marketing officer Steve Fund says that it represents a unique opportunity for the brand to tout its technology that people will be able to enjoy right then and there. “We’re not just advertising to this huge audience, it’s a branded integration of the technology being used in the game itself,” says Fund.

Brady also stars in a 360-degree interactive video of him throwing a football, in which users can go in and customize a frame of the video, which the brand will then cut back into it, so every time you see it, it’s a bit different. “You never see the same video twice, based on all the user-generated content we get,” says Fund.

Intel’s 360-degree replay technology was first used during last year’s Super Bowl, and it helped the brand win an Emmy with CBS, taking home the 2016 George Wensel Technical Achievement Award. Since then, the technology has been used in MLB All-Star game, Real Madrid and Barcelona’s El Clasico, during the NBA all-star weekend, the playoffs, finals, and the Christmas Day game.

But the Super Bowl this year will be the first time Intel will integrate its “Be the Player” tech, which gives viewers a chance to see the player’s point of view as if they were on the field. The 360-degree replay technology will once again be used during the game, allowing broadcaster Fox to freeze any moment and focus on a play from all angles. There will be 38 cameras installed in Houston’s NRG Stadium, with each 15 to 30-second 360 clip taking about 1 terabyte of data.

It’s technology that helps take fans deeper into the game, and Fund knows that it also represents a very unique marketing opportunity. “We think that’s why it makes perfect sense for us, and a great example of marketing innovation because we’re not just saying ‘Go buy this product,” we’re demonstrating the capabilities of Intel right then and there,” says Fund. “This is just a great example of Intel making the experience as great as possible.”

See the behind the scenes below.

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