You Can Play “Orange Is The New Black” And “Stranger Things” As An 8-Bit Video Game

Outrun the Demogorgon–or the broken criminal justice system–in glorious 8-bit.


WHO: The games were created by Mumbai’s The Glitch for Netflix.

WHY WE CARE: Some television shows lend themselves to adaptation as video games better than others. Westworld? Absolutely. The Affair? Not so much. (American Crime Story? Actually, probably.) Netflix doesn’t care too much whether their series can smoothly adapt to a side-scrolling gaming saga, though, with the creation of its own 8-bit adventures.

Fans of Stranger Things have been clamoring for a Nintendo-style version of the series (and making their own for a while now), while gamifying the prison dramedy of Orange Is The New Black isn’t exactly something that feels intuitive. But no matter–the browser-based game Netflix launched today gives everybody the chance to play as Mike from Stranger Things (with an assist from Eleven, naturally), Piper from Orange Is The New Black, Pablo Escobar from Narcos, or Marco Polo from a show that Netflix apparently had called Marco Polo (turns out the series was canceled last month, after two seasons). The games are all basically the same, just skinned for their source material, and they’re not exactly complex. But hey, there are worse ways to spend your time than taking five minutes to run from the Demogorgon.

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