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How to Call Your Congressmen: An Animated Guide For The Socially Anxious

Everybody keeps saying you should call your representatives about important issues in flux. But how do you do it if you have social anxiety?

How to Call Your Congressmen: An Animated Guide For The Socially Anxious

When it comes to making a political statement, one phone call can have more impact than an entire timeline of angry tweets. Perhaps that’s why, in a moment of political upheaval, more and more people on Twitter and other social media sites have been urging others to get offline and call their representatives. Earlier this week, we saw a demonstration of how powerful the voices of constituents can be when thousands flooded congressional phone lines until House Republicans backed down from gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics. With Planned Parenthood’s funding currently on the chopping block, and Trump’s cabinet confirmation hearings starting next week, lots of ordinary citizens are feeling emboldened to make phone calls. There’s just one problem, though: phone calls are terrifying for the socially anxious.

The good news is that there’s now an animated guide for just such an occasion.

How to Call Your Reps When You Have Social Anxiety is a step-by-step guide on overcoming one’s fears about interpersonal communication with professional strangers in order to kick a little bureaucratic but. Created by artist Cordelia McGee-Tubb on her blog Echo Through the Fog, this guide walks users through the method of finding out who to call, figuring out what to say, psyching yourself up for the big moment, and then doing it all again. It should serve as an important and timely confidence boost for anyone worried that extreme shyness might interfere with their civic duty.

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