Two Young Women Get Ready To Take On Skeptics And Sexism In New Secret Ad

“Who came up with this business plan?” “We did.”

Two Young Women Get Ready To Take On Skeptics And Sexism In New Secret Ad

WHAT: Two women get prepped for a big business pitch in Secret’s latest ad of brand’s #StressTest campaign.

WHO: Secret, Wieden + Kennedy

WHY WE CARE: For its first ad of 2017, Secret comes out of the gate blazing with an equal (or pretty damn close) effort to one of the best spots of 2016. Back in April we saw “Raise,” in which a young woman gave herself a pep talk in the mirror to face her boss–putting a more emotional, personal touch on the larger issue of equal pay.

Here we’re back in the business of pep talks, this time with Ash and Emma getting ready to face down some skeptics and mild sexism in the board room. Much like “Raise,” everything here gets you on board with the characters immediately–the crisp writing, the casting, the music, the pace–you practically want to high five the two as they get out of the elevator.

Of course, these are all situations both men and women face in everyday life, but the strength of this campaign is in how it illuminates the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the two. And it’s a hell of a long way from ads rooted in questioning self-confidence and paranoia that has historically plagued so much marketing to women.

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