An Obsessed Kevin Hart Just Keeps Running And Running For Nike

WHAT: “The Man Who Kept Running,” a new Nike running campaign starring Kevin Hart.

WHO: Nike, Wieden + Kennedy Portland

WHY WE CARE: Kevin Hart is known for his work ethic, or at least for his creative and comedic output. The guy’s IMDb page for the last two years is longer than most people’s last decade. And lately, it appears the comedian still has some spare time between stand-up specials, movies and TV, so has turned his sights on the brand world. Lately it’s been his team-up with David Beckham for H&M, and now Hart is pulling a Forrest Gump for Nike for a series of spots on how obsessive the Apple Watch with Nike Plus can make any runner. Over the course of seven spots, we hear about the advantage of running in 119-degrees (as opposed to 120), the power of the fist bump, Hart’s real-or-imagined rivalry with Mo Farah, and his calf-related New Year’s resolution.

None of these are among Nike’s best running ads, but Hart keeps things fun and light, and probably perfect for all the new runners hitting the road in response to their own New Year’s resolutions who have no idea about the wonderful pain and suffering they’ve just embraced.