Online Razor Company Harry’s Tells Its Story In A Short Documentary

The budget razor wars continue in 2017.

Online Razor Company Harry’s Tells Its Story In A Short Documentary

WHAT: “Meet The Shaving Company That’s Fixing Shaving,” a two and a half minute documentary from Harry’s.

WHO: Creative agency Partners & Spade created the ad, which stars Harry’s co-founders Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield (neither of whom are named Harry).

WHY WE CARE: The online razor space is intense. The Dollar Shave Club–which was acquired by Unilever for a billion dollars last summer–may have been the most memorable to introduce itself to that market with its viral, clever web ad, but these days, they’re a victim of their own too-clever, too-quirky success. Gillette has their own answer to the razors-by-subscription model that both Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club utilize, and they’re joined by others, as well. At this point, in other words, each of these companies have similar products and similar prices, which means that branding the commodity is more important than ever. To that end, a mini-doc like this one from Harry’s establishes them as a relatable company–they saw a hole in the market, rushed to fill it, are run by guys who seem likable, bought a factory in Germany that knows how to make decent razors, and their razors are designed to look more old-school than space-age. Since we’re talking about razors here, that’s pretty much all it takes to stand out, and telling that story simply, effectively, and with some charm might be the 2017 version of beating people over the head with relentless cleverness.

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