This Photographer Is Making Sure No One Can Stay Blind To Trump’s Own Damning Words

Barcelona-based experimental photographer Víctor Enrich has a new project, “On Trump,” that will certainly grab your attention.

This Photographer Is Making Sure No One Can Stay Blind To Trump’s Own Damning Words
"Curse" by Victor Enrich [Photo: © Víctor Enrich]

Resistance to Trumpism will take a lot of forms in the coming years, and Co.Create is determined to track and catalogue them. One of the early examples in the theater world took place last night in New York City, at an event created by New Girl mastermind Liz Meriwether called A Safe and Special Place. Meanwhile, visual artist Víctor Enrich has been busy with a scorching series of satirical street art called “On Trump.”

Enrich is a Barcelona-based experimental photographer known for manipulating architectural photographs to create buildings that should not physically exist, including an upside down hotel in Munich. The latest work in Enrich’s “On Trump” project is a piece called “Curse,” which juxtaposes the president-elect’s history with women and his damning refusal to acknowledge that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies agree that Russia interfered with the election to help him win.

“Considering the difficulties of caricaturing everything around Mr. Trump, I believe that the key factor of ending up with a consistent project is to be wise while choosing what to caricature and what not,” Enrich wrote in an email to Co.Create. “These last weeks have been pretty difficult since almost every day is something new about Trump on the news.”

His new piece, “Curse,” makes the now infamous Trump quote, “Grab ’em by the pussy,” appear in enormous block letters on the streets of Moscow. Amazingly, Trump’s supporters who don’t seem to mind that Trump said those words about women also don’t seem to mind that he may have had help from Russia in his victory, and would rather dismiss the credibility of U.S. intelligence than risk losing face.

Have a look at “Curse” below.

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