New Smart Car Campaign Pokes Fun At Motorized Movie Clichés

The German auto brand wants people to question why things are always done the same old way.

New Smart Car Campaign Pokes Fun At Motorized Movie Clichés

WHAT: Two spots from compact car brand Smart, aiming to challenge the status quo.

WHO: Smart, BBDO Berlin

WHY WE CARE: If you’ve ever been outside an urban school when children are getting picked up and wondered why it is so many parents apparently need a vehicle that would happily traverse a minor mountain range, then you will know exactly the kind of assumption these spots are aimed at busting. Smart Car makes tiny, compact cars–a two-seater called the Fortwo, and a four-seater called the Forfour. I have to tell you, a Texan friend of mine actually cried laughing when he first saw one, just at the very idea something so small could be considered a car. But cars they are, and much loved by the citizens of Paris, which, had you ever tried to park there, you’d fully understand.

These new ads each take an accepted motor-related notion and query it. The first involves a car chase with the driver of a Smart Fortwo pulling up alongside a cop car as is it semi-frozen in slow motion, as seems to occur in all car movie car chases. In the second, a Smart Forfour pulls alongside a car that is part of a black and white French movie, with its occupants, naturally, discussing the meaning of life. “That’s a bit cliché,” the Smart driver says and tootles off. Each ad carries the tagline, “Anything but cliché.” The message is simple–why do we do repeat accepted norms when there are better alternatives available?

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