Amy Schumer And Goldie Hawn’s “Snatched” Should Redeem Their Beyoncé Debacle

“Snatched” looks funny and cliche-subverting enough in its first trailer to make ersatz fans let go of any residual Schumer-resentment.

Amy Schumer And Goldie Hawn’s “Snatched” Should Redeem Their Beyoncé Debacle

WHAT: The first trailer for next summer’s mother-daughter action comedy, Snatched.

WHO: Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, and director Jonathan Levine.

WHY WE CARE: Everybody has bad days sometimes. Amy Schumer, on the other hand, has had a bad year. Granted, we all had an admittedly rotten 2016, but Schumer was coming off of one of the most successful years any comedian has ever had. In 2015, she scored a big box office hit for her debut as writer/star in Trainwreck, got an Emmy for her outstanding work on the TV show that bears her name, and nabbed a multimillion-dollar payday for her first book. Truly, it was the year of Amy. And then came 2016. Sure, her memoir was released to acclaim, but the fourth season of Inside Amy Schumer had relatively little cultural impact compared to its predecessors. More importantly, though, there were a few offscreen incidents that inspired serious backlash. First came the Kurt Metzger saga, then the disastrous Lena Dunham interview, and finally there was the tribute to Beyoncé’s “Formation” video–which many rightly mistook as a parody. At the eve of 2016, Schumer’s unstoppable rise seems at least somewhat hindered by cultural blindspots. However, a great thing about being an artist is the work speaks for itself.

After a year of bad press the only thing that really counts is whether Schumer’s work is still worth caring about. In the first trailer for Snatched, that certainly seems to be the case. Working off a script from Ghostbusters scribe Katie Dippold, the movie finds Schumer teaming up with Goldie Hawn for a mother-daughter adventure. In the film, the pair heads to South America together to cheer up Schumer after a breakup, and from there things go awry in a kidnapping kind of way. It’s positioned as an action-comedy, which is a genre that too often leans on action more than comedy, but judging from the solid gags in this trailer, Snatched doesn’t scrimp in that department. Amy Schumer has defended herself over the Beyoncé debacle, and whether or not former fans forgive her, this film looks poised to put to rest any questions about her talent.

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