Google’s “Year In Search 2016” Is As Grim As You’d Expect, But Hopeful

Take a look back at what was most searched on Google this year. (Mostly things that we would all like to forget.)

Google’s “Year In Search 2016” Is As Grim As You’d Expect, But Hopeful

WHAT: An annual video reviewing the top searches of 2016.

WHO: Monolithic search engine Google.

WHY WE CARE: It is difficult to imagine a 2016 Year in Review video that would be chipper, yet this video still comes off as a visceral gut punch. The historically contentious U.S. election, the Brexit vote, Black Lives Matter protests, that little shellshocked boy in Aleppo–it’s all so grim, it makes you want to hibernate through 2017. The folks at Google know this, though. They’ve spared viewers from getting totally depressed in a few ways. First of all, they sprinkle throughout the video hopeful messages of love from the likes of Stephen Colbert and Lin-Manuel Miranda. They also highlight the few things that made us happy this year, like the Olympics (minus that whole unpleasant Ryan Lochte episode.) And finally, although Trump’s name is mentioned, neither his face or his words are given a platform here.

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