Cine-Meh: Why There Are So Many Passable Movies And So Few Great Ones?

This video essay explains why we’ve had enough of movies that are just good enough.

Cine-Meh: Why There Are So Many Passable Movies And So Few Great Ones?
Suicide Squad, 2016

WHAT: A video essay about the scourge of “Passable” movies in Hollywood.

WHO: Movie-obsessed YouTuber the Nerdwriter.

WHY WE CARE: There are now more options for what to watch at any given time than ever before. Analysis Paralysis is known to derail couples from making a movie choice for anywhere up to and including the length of the average runtime. Which makes it all the more disappointing when you end up selecting something that is pretty good but ultimately forgettable. There seem to be more of those movies now than ever before, too. Movies like Central Intelligence coast by on the likability of stars Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart and a nonsense plot, and then you never think about them again. Co.Create favorite, Nerdwriter, recently put out a video essay exploring some of the root causes of why so many movies turn out this way, including a lack of tonal control, and what separates them from great movies. Watch it below and then write to your congressman demanding more Arrival-caliber films in the near future.

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Joe Berkowitz is a writer and staff editor at Fast Company. He has also written for The Awl, Rolling Stone, McSweeney's, and Salon.



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