All Construction Sites Need A Disco-Ball Cement Mixer

Perhaps the best thing about French artist Benedetto Bufalino’s latest installation is that he categorized the video under “comedy” on YouTube. The new work is a cement truck that has been covered with hundreds of mirrors to turn it into a giant street-side disco ball. In Lyon, on the nights of December 8-10, you could see the Disco-Ball Cement Mixer in action.

Bufalino’s art is pretty whimsical, repurposing objects to make amusing new forms. He built a ping-pong table onto the bottom of an upturned car, and sliced open another car to make a hot tub. He has filled phone booths with water and turned them into aquariums, and re-shot the pages from the Ikea catalog using cardboard furniture. And now he has created what is perhaps his masterpiece: the Disco-Ball Cement Mixer.

Bufalino parked the cement truck outside a construction site, and pointed spotlights at its rotating mirrored sides. Disco music played while the lights, from lighting designer Benoit Deseille, were scattered over neighboring buildings for a few hours each night.

Like most great ideas, the Disco-Ball Cement Mixer seems obvious when you see it. In fact, if all cement mixers were similarly modified, construction sites the world over would be a lot more fabulous.

Photos: Benedetto BufalinoCS