This New Volkswagen Ad Is Also An Homage To Bladder Control

It might be the first car ad (or anything at all) that celebrates the majesty of a rest stop washroom.

This New Volkswagen Ad Is Also An Homage To Bladder Control

WHAT: A new ad for VW in Argentina that boasts about the fuel mileage of the Cross UP model in a peculiarly awesome way.

WHO: VW, DDB Argentina

WHY WE CARE: Ah, the road trip. Over the last century, we humans have been able to travel ever farther, ever faster, thanks to advances in automobile technology. We’ve also been able to train our bladders to run in sync with our car’s gas tank, in order to travel as efficiently as possible. A stop for gas, means it’s time to pee and grab some more snacks.

But VW throws a major wrench into the plumbing with a new car that can drive for up to 1,000 kilometers on one tank of gas. The results are gloriously illustrated in this spot, and shows us that no matter how gross or crowded, a rest-stop washroom always looks amazing when you’re in the throes of a full-on urinary panic.

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