This “Home Alone” Video Remix Is a Total Christmas Earworm

Eclectic Method strikes again, turning the John Hughes masterpiece, Home Alone, into an audio/visual Christmas jam.

This “Home Alone” Video Remix Is a Total Christmas Earworm

WHAT: A video remix of one of the most beloved Christmas-set movies of all time.

WHO: Inveterate mashup artist Eclectic Method.

WHY WE CARE: For a movie in which one of the villains threatens to bite off all of the nine-year old hero’s fingers one by one, Home Alone sure is a widely beloved holiday classic. Just last week a London-based movie theater paid tribute to the film on its marquee, and rightfully so. This year, though, there’s a different way to watch and listen to it. Long-reigning video remix king, Eclectic Method, has done a forensic inspection of Home Alone and rearranged it to his liking, musically. Most of the great lines, your “You’re what the French call les incompétents,” for instance, are accounted for, as are the most memorable visuals, like Joe Pesci’s Wet Bandit, Harry, getting his head lit on fire by a blowtorch. (Family movies!) What’s most impressive, though, is how Eclectic turns lines of dialogue into song hooks, and turns sounds like the clank of a pizza delivery guy knocking over a decorative statue into part of the beat. This song will invade your head like two imbecilic robbers on Christmas Eve.

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