These Ads For Tinder On Apple TV Make For Some Awkward Family Dating

WHAT: A new ad campaign to promote Tinder on Apple TV.

WHO: Tinder

WHY WE CARE: You know what could make the whole digital human evaluation process of Tinder dating even better? If you could do it on the big screen in front of the whole family. Right? Right? Hello? If this new ad campaign for Tinder on Apple TV is any indication, the app’s new and enlarged household presence will just make family conversations around your love life even more awkward. So awkward, in fact, that the whole vibe of these ads borrows borrows heavily from HBO’s award-winning Awkward Family Viewing ads from 2014. Well, if you’re going to borrow, might as well do it from the best.

In a blog post, the company said opening up your dating choices and strategies to friends and family is the whole point. “Invite friends and family, set the playlist to shuffle and put out the chips and dip. With a new, swipeable remote control and the world’s hottest app now in HD, modern dating is taking a page from the age-old book of matchmaking. Let’s face it—the people who know you best have traditionally had a high rate of success when helping you pick a partner.”

What could possibly go wrong?JB