These Sexist Trump Quotes on Women’s Bodies Speak Truth to Power in Power’s Own Words

A student at Oregon’s Clatsop Community College created the blistering series “#SignedByTrump” as her final project in photography class.

As we mentioned last week, President-Elect Donald Trump is unambiguously terrible to, for, and about women. Now one young woman is using femininity as a weapon to artistically fight back.


Aria Watson, a student at Oregon’s Clatsop Community College, recently created a blistering photo series as her final project in an Intro to Photography class. “#SignedByTrump” features images of women’s nude bodies covered in quotes that would be hard to believe came from a president-elect had we not just recently heard them with our own ears. Many of the entries are written in ways that highlight the substance of each quote. The one about how alluring a contestant on Trump’s reality game show would look down on her knees is written on the back of a kneeling lady, for instance, and the one decrying the scourge of flat-chested people is written across the upper half of a woman’s torso.

Ultimately, the project confirms that the awful things Trump has said about women are so dangerous and damaging that they might as well be seared into women’s flesh; after all, these women will never forget them anyway.

Have a look at more images from the series in the slides above.

[via BuzzFeed]

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