Nike Shames Your Real Housewives-Watching Self Into Finally Going For A Run

WHAT: “Time Is Precious,” a new running ad campaign from Nike.

WHO: Nike, Wieden + Kennedy Portland

WHY WE CARE: We all waste a fair bit of our lives dithering about in front of screens–whether that’s Facebooking, binge-watching, or reading the latest #takes or whatever else–and Nike has had it. In “Time Is Precious,” the sports giant does some gentle shaming to tell you exactly how much of your life you waste with that stuff (32 years, stacked together), and urges you to give your eyes a break to go outside for a run.

The ad is broad enough to make most people who watch it vaguely defensive, lumping “liking pictures of people’s lunch” with “reading about politics,” and “watching The Real Housewives of Wherever” with “watching Game of Thrones,” as though all #content on all screens is created equal. But as the campaign goes on, it gets more specific: An ad pretty explicitly created to air before The Walking Dead spoils what happens in most episodes of that show (zombies, chasing, barbed wire-wrapped baseball bats). Another spot sending up celebrity culture would fit well in front of the Golden Globes or any other awards show. We can’t argue with the message that going outside and doing something physical, if you’re able, is a good way to break up the endless screens. And if we have to be shamed into it, well, we probably brought that on ourselves.