KFC’s Bid To Dominate All Media Includes A Record Sung By Fred Armisen As The Colonel

WHAT: “The Nashville Hot Record,” KFC’s latest attempt to generate affection among consumers for a resurrected version of the brand’s founder, Colonel Sanders.

WHO: Fred Armisen wrote, produced, and performed the two tracks on the record.

WHY WE CARE: KFC has been very aggressive in re-centering Colonel Sanders as a major part of their brand, and we’ve been watching their moves here because, uh, it’s weird and also kind of fascinating to see a real guy resurrected as a cartoon mascot. Every time they roll out a new product, they pair it with a new Colonel–and occasionally more than one, as the “Nashville Hot” Colonel Sanders includes both Vincent Kartheiser as the face of the sexy young heartthrob who brings spicy chicken tenders to the masses and now Fred Armisen as that same Colonel’s avatar on record. The result there is “The Nashville Hot Record,” a two-track single featuring a cute track called “C-O-L-O-N-E-L” that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a jukebox in 1958 (as well as a hilariously phoned-in cut from Armisen called “Nashville-Centric Boogie” in which he recites facts gleaned from the city’s Wikipedia page). The entire thing is available on Soundcloud, but true fans of fried chicken-themed ephemera can pick up the single on vinyl if they succeed in a Willy Wonka-style scavenger hunt and dig through the crates at one of a dozen record stores in the U.S.–mostly in the South and the Midwest–to turn up one of the 125 copies the brand lathe-cut onto record.