Renewables Are Winning, But The Fight Just Got Harder: 2016 In Energy

Most countries, cities, and companies now agree: We need a carbon-free economy and it will actually be cheaper to get there. There’s only one problem . . .

2016 saw the world of energy moving in two opposing directions. On one hand, we have Donald Trump doubling down on fossil fuels and pulling back from climate commitments. On the other, technologies like solar panels, smart meters and home batteries are shifting the system away from dirtier, centralized power generation. The question for 2017: will Trump or technology be more important for energy?


Trump’s election means a retrenchment of an agenda around fossil fuels. Trump has promised to return jobs to the coal mining industry, approve projects like the KXL pipeline, and to kill the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. He’s appointed former Texas Governor Rick Perry (who is on the board of the company trying to build the Dakota Access Pipeline) as Energy Secretary, Exxon’s CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, and began what looks like a witch-hunt for climate-focused officials.

But this year there were plenty of reasons to be cheerful about the future of energy. The economy continued to decarbonize. Solar and wind power boomed, driven by cheaper prices and ever-more-efficient technology (they should survive Trump, whatever he does). In many parts of the world, renewables are on track to reach price parity with fossil fuels within a few years. And there are new ways to generate, store and even share energy now becoming possible, promising a more flexible, consumer-focused market than we have today.

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[Photo: Walter Stein/Getty Images]

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