Awkward Racists, Angry Mosquitoes, And Climate Change From Space: 2016’s Best Videos

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Awkward Racists, Angry Mosquitoes, And Climate Change From Space: 2016’s Best Videos

It’s been a tough year. How about some of our most popular videos to relax? Just maybe not the one with the close-up of a mosquito sawing through human skin. Or the ones of climate change ravaging the planet.


Or the scary robot dog that disobeys its master. Or bacteria developing resistance to antibiotics.

There’s a really inspiring one about a refugee boxer. That will get you on the right track for 2017.

1. Watch Racists Being Confronted With Some Very Inconvenient DNA Results
Time to rethink some things.

2. These Time-Lapse Videos From Space Show How Much The World Has Changed In 30 Years
Humans have become exceptionally good at altering the planet.

3. Watch 1,400 Workers Lose Their Jobs At Once—Because Their Jobs Are Going To Mexico
The global economy hits home, and it’s not pretty.

4. Watch This Young Refugee Boxer Explain How #TeamRefugees Inspires Him
Can a team of athletes change the narrative about the refugee crisis?


5. These Animated Videos Show Just How Much Space Cars Waste In Our Cities
Cars need eight lanes to keep up with a single train moving the same amount of people.

6. Watch Boston Dynamics’ New Horrifying Robodog Disobey Its Human Master
It can do the dishes—but why would it when it can make its human slaves do them, instead?

7. Watch How The World’s Population Has Exploded (And Isn’t Stopping)
There will be 9.5 billion people on Earth in 2050.

8. Watch A Close-Up Of A Mosquito Opening You Up With Its Horrifying Surgical Tools
If you didn’t hate mosquitoes before, you’ll definitely hate them once you see what they do to you.

9. Watch Bacteria Evolving Real-Time Resistance To Ever-More-Deadly Antibiotics
The adaptability of microbes is terrifying to behold.

10. Watch: Drones Can Now Plant Trees From The Air
Good-bye, shovels. Hello, seed-pod projectiles.


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