A Lot Of Opinions On What, When, And How To Eat: 2016 In Health

At the same time, we recommend the spectacular benefits of non-exercise.

Health starts with what you put in your mouth, and how you burn off the calories that you put in your body–and so we found a lot of tips this year about what to eat, how to cook it eat, and even when to eat it. We found out that the Mediterranean diet isn’t just better for you, but cheaper than the typical American diet. We also learned that cow’s milk can be replaced with pea milk, but also that maybe we should eat a little dairy after all, because a fully-vegan diet might destroy the planet.


Whatever you eat, you definitely shouldn’t diet, and you should drink a glass of water if you want to lose weight. And speaking of water, stop boiling your veggies, because it might actually be healthier to fry them in delicious olive oil.

1: This Pea-Based Milk Is Healthier Than Almond Milk, And Actually Tastes Almost Like Milk

It has as much protein as cows milk, it requires 99% less water to produce than almond milk, it tastes delicious, and the kerning on the logo makes its name–“ripple”–read like “nipple.” What’s not to like?

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2: A Vegan Diet Is Less Efficient For The Planet Than An Omnivorous One

Some land is too rugged for crops, so it makes sense to let dairy animals roam there instead.

3: Adding Plain Water To Your Terrible Diet Will Make You Lose Weight


You really don’t need eight glasses of water a day to stay hydrated, but drinking more will help you lose weight.

4: These Streetlights Kill Mosquitoes, Charge Phones, And Send Disaster Warnings

Even if the post-apocalypse mosquitos manage to shut dow the electrical grid, these solar-powered streetlights, will keep on going, pumping out fake human breath to attract the buzzing insects, then using fans to suck them into a deadly trap.


5: Kaiser Permanente Designed A Health Center That Puts Patients First

This health center is more like a relaxing spa than a regular, stressful visit to the doctor.

[Photo: Erik Dreyer/Getty Images]

6: The Spectacular Benefits Of Non-Exercise: How Little Movements Add Up To A Healthier Day


Just fidgeting at your desk all day could be enough to lose weight–and annoy your co-workers.

[Photo: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash]

7: Why Regular Mealtimes And A Big Breakfast Are So Important To Keeping You Healthy

Our circadian rhythms govern our bodies’ eating and digestion schedule, but they are also disrupted by irregular meal. It’s one big delicious Catch 22.

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8: A Food Bank Proves A Healthy Mediterranean Diet Is Cheaper Than A Junky American One

Fresh veggies and fancy olive oil are actually way cheaper than that American junk you usually buy.

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9: Convincing Your Kids Santa Is Real Is Bad For Their Mental Health


Once your kids find out you’ve lied to them, they’ll never trust you again.

10: Good News: Frying Veggies In Olive Oil Is Healthier Than Boiling Them

If you can get past the extra calories, frying in olive oil actually adds nutritious goodies, and doesn’t destroy antioxidants. Take that, raw-food-loving flavor-haters.


11: This 8-Year-Old Wears A Custom Prosthetic Hand 3-D Printed By His Dad

Little Cool Hand Luke might have the coolest dad in the world.

[Photo: Nick Kee Son/Getty Images]

12: The Secret To Dieting Is To Not Diet At All‚ Just Eat Better


Forget about counting calories, and obsessing over cholesterol. To stay slim, you just need to eat better foods, cook it yourself, and only eat when your body tells you to.


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