Get Your First Taste of “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

The first trailer may not be ultimate, but is has prospects for some “amazing” and “spectacular.”

Get Your First Taste of “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

WHAT: The first teaser trailer for next summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

WHO: Tom Holland stars as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Michael Keaton wears a scary metal suit to play The Vulture, Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark as per usual, and Jacob Batalon and Zendaya show up a few times, too.

WHY WE CARE: This is the third fresh start for the Spider-Man franchise since 2001, which means that the stakes are pretty high. The first reboot the property saw, 2012’s Amazing Spider-Man was pretty good, but completely inessential since it was literally just a remake of a movie that was barely 10 years old at that point. So when we look at a new Spider-Man movie, the question isn’t just “does that look good,” it’s also “what are they going to show us that they haven’t shown us before?” The answer here appears to be “a John Hughes movie with a superhero lead,” which is the exact sort of answer we were hoping for. Peter Parker is the nerdy everyman who sticks to walls, Tony Stark is his snarky father/older brother figure, Ned Leeds–played by Jacob Batalon here, who really seems to be almost 100% the character of Ganke from Marvel’s Miles Morales version of the character–is the best friend who knows his secrets, Zendaya plays . . . the Ally Sheedy from Breakfast Club role? It’s unclear . . . and Michael Keaton’s Vulture is the grown-up who threatens to make his life a living hell.

All of that suggests that we’re watching a much more specific Spider-Man movie than the ones we’ve seen in the past, where Spidey is the only superhero who exists and thus has to find himself at the center of epics that threaten the very core of New York City. That might be the challenge our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler faces here, too, of course–but given that this one seems centered more around Peter’s high school life, his struggle to be the sort of hero that his mentor Tony Stark hangs out with, and the challenges of keeping a secret identity, the glimpse we’ve seen suggests a Spider-Man movie that’s based more on the ’00s-era “ultimate” version of the character that took him back to his roots, and less of the be-everything-to-everyone approach that previous films took (and which made them more of a slog than they should have been as the sequels started piling on). If that’s the case, then it might not just be the ultimate Spider-Man movie–it might be amazing, spectacular, and sensational, too.

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