How We Made Sense Of The Election And Began To Plan For The Next Four Years

What will you do? Here are some tips.

Donald Trump lost the popular vote in the 2016 election by a bigger margin than any other U.S. president. For the millions of Americans who voted against him–and against his xenophobic, misogynist, Islamophobic policies–the result of the election was a call to action.


Donors gave in record numbers to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and environmental nonprofits. Activists outlined how to fight back over the next four years. When reports of hate speech grew, artists volunteered to paint over it. Others have pledged to give their Trump tax breaks to organizations that will fill the gaps as the new administration makes cuts. New matchmaking projects were formed to bring liberals and conservatives together to talk out their differences.

Businesses and cities, which already lead on climate change, will have an even more important role to play as Trump appoints climate deniers to the EPA and the Department of Energy. Corporate social responsibility for other issues, from equal pay to paid parental leave, can help the U.S. continue to make progress as the federal government falters. And economics on its own–like the sharply falling cost of renewable power, and the slow death of coal–can move the energy industry forward even if federal policy is out of step.

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1. 5 Concrete Ways You Can Act Now To Start Fighting Trump’s Policies
Activism is like exercising: Start with easy activities and work toward more. Here’s where to start.


2. What Corporate Social Responsibility Looks Like During A Trump Presidency
Five ways companies can live their values in the years ahead.

3. CEOs And Mayors Are Now Our Only Hope For Saving The Climate
How businesses and cities can drive climate action if the federal government fails.

4. Bringing Conservatives And Liberals Together To Talk It Out After The Election
A series of new projects are finding ways to connect people on opposite sides of the political divide, for more measured conversations than we usually have online.


5. Renewable Energy Might Have Enough Momentum To Survive A Trump Administration
The energy industry has already shifted—and it may not want to go backwards.

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6. Civic Innovation In The Age Of Trump: Effective, Scalable, Exportable Ideas
Even before the election, Washington gridlock meant that U.S. cities often had to be the source of big ideas. Now that they’re on their own, here’s a grab bag of new ideas they can use.

7. These Artists Are Starting A Movement To Cover Hate Speech With Positive Messages
Turning slurs and swastikas into something better.

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8. Take The Trump Relief Pledge: Give Your Tax Break To The Organizations Trump May Destroy
It’s money you were going to give to the government if Clinton had won. Now you can give it to sustain the people fighting for what you believe in.


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