This Delightful Marquee Bids You a Cheeky Cinematic Holiday Sentiment

If you can look at this marquee without smiling, then you just may be a Home Alone grinch.

This Delightful Marquee Bids You a Cheeky Cinematic Holiday Sentiment
Home Alone, 1990 [Photo: courtesy of 20th Century Fox]

Coffee shops seem to have the market cornered on funny signage. Those pun-filled sandwich boards shout irreverently at passersby on just about any city street. What’s far less common these days is marquee creativity, but one movie theater in London is bringing it back for the holidays.

Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester square is proudly exhibiting the Home Alone movies this December. (Yes, that’s parts one and two; everything after those movies is not canon.) How is it evident that the theater is proud to show these films? Maybe because the marquee currently contains the immortal line, “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.” It’s a quote from the movie-within-the-mov–never mind. Obviously, you know the line and you love it. You can’t resist saying something along the lines of “You was smooching with my brother!” right back when you hear it, as a Pavlovian cinephile reflex. The London theater smartly tapped into this deep reservoir of nostalgia to let Home Alone lovers know they’re far from alone.

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