Warner Bros. Engages J.K. Rowling Fans With A Revitalized Props And Costume Exhibit

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood has reimagined its time-honored Harry Potter stop to include more of J.K. Rowling’s magical universe.

Today, From J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World: The Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Exhibit unveils an expanded collection of costumes, props, set pieces, and creature models from the Harry Potter franchise and recently released Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Actors Dan Fogler (FB’s Jacob Kowalski) and Bonnie Wright (HP’s Ginny Weasley) headlined a media sneak peak Wednesday.

The installation features more than 200 meticulously crafted cinematic artifacts presented against a backdrop of concept art, costume sketches, movie photography, and videos. Joining the costumes of Hogwarts professors, students, and the Dark Lord Voldemort are those worn by Fantastic Beasts‘ Eddie Redmayne (Newt Scamander), Katherine Waterston (Tina Goldstein), Alison Sudol (Queenie Goldstein), and Colin Farrell (Percival Graves). There are replicas of Jacob Kowalski’s apartment and baked goods, and models of mythical creatures. But the centerpiece is an interactive Sorting Hat that assigns visitors to one of the four Hogwarts houses.

Warner Bros., with creative consultant Thinkwell Group, spent more than three months completely redesigning the decade-old Harry Potter exhibit and adding Fantastic Beasts content.

Fantastic Beasts creature maquettes[Photo: Susan Karlin]

“There’s a growing interest among entertainment enthusiasts to get behind the lens and see how the craft is made,” says Warner Bros. Studio Tour director of marketing Gary Soloff. “This is more interactive. It tells a story as you walk through. You end up in the Great Hall where you get sorted with the Sorting Hat, and then you make your way into 1920s New York into Macusa, the organization in charge of all the wizards in the U.S.”SK