How To Hold Meetings People Want To Attend

How To Hold Meetings People Want To Attend
Food52 [Photo: Shravya Kag for Fast Company]

Start by making sure you’ve invited all the right people.

Use The Sitcom Method

“Meetings should be like an episode of Friends: You know how they’re going to end when they start. When people come in knowing what 30 minutes of their time is going to accomplish, they galvanize around the mission.” —Brad Soulas, associate creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi

Finesse The Guest List

“Only invite people who need to be there. And always invite people who need to be there. They are two sides of the same coin. Too often you’re inviting everyone because you’ve got a culture where you need to cover yourself in some way.” —Susan Reilly Salgado, founder, Hospitality Quotient

Master The Chat

“We favor quick, one-on-one conversations over gathering 18 people in a room. Walk to people’s desks, ask a question, and resolve it quickly.” —Merrill Stubbs, cofounder, Food52

Get Shorter

“We’re experimenting with meetings that are 20 minutes rather than 30, or 45 rather than an hour. That time can be wildly productive, and no one has ever said, ‘I wish that meeting was 10 minutes longer.’” —Trevor O’Brien, chief technology officer and partner, Deutsch