How Great Leaders Hire The Right People

How Great Leaders Hire The Right People
The Snøhetta offices [Photo: Arturo Olmos for Fast Company]

Four top executives share how they go deep with candidates.

Hunt For Hunger

“I look for someone with something to prove—to your old boss, your dad, your third-grade teacher, yourself. I don’t care where it comes from: You need that hustle.” —Emily Weiss, founder and CEO, Glossier

Go Negative

“I ask, ‘Think of your worst day—what happens?’ You learn about people’s pet peeves, about what environment won’t work for them. Sometimes they disqualify themselves without realizing it, because they reveal they don’t really want the job.” —Tom Ogletree, director of social impact, General Assembly

Push Past Stock Responses

“Give me an example of when you failed, and another example of when you failed, and a third example of when you failed. Ninety-nine point nine percent of people are out of their stock an­­swers at that point, and they have to go beyond the script.” —Will Dean, CEO, Tough Mudder

It’s All About The Fit

“[In a candidate,] social intelligence is as important as a professional CV. How do you integrate yourself into a group without losing yourself?” —Martin Gran, managing director, Snøhetta