What Influencers From Adobe And The New Republic Are Into Now

We polled the attendees of our recent Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York. Here’s what they are loving this month.

What Influencers From Adobe And The New Republic Are Into Now
Nora Feeney Pittenger, business development director of Fair Trade USA, recommends the Soko earrings. [Photo: courtesy of Soko earrings]

1. Soko Earrings

“I love Soko jewelry’s stunning statement pieces that are handcrafted in Nairobi, Kenya. They offer a wide array of accessories. The company helps local artisans expand their markets globally and allows the craftspeople to retain up to 35% of revenue from each sale.” —Nora Feeney Pittenger, business development director, Fair Trade USA


2. Figma

“Figma is a web-based UX tool that I’ve only just started using. I am extremely excited by the platform, which has innovative vector network tools and a collaborative system that makes it a very simple and fun way to develop apps. It’s perfect for beginners.” —Harry Lees, design director, Alpha Audiotronics

Owney’s rum[Photo: Paul Wagtouicz]

3. Owney’s Rum

From $30,
“Owney’s is created from non-GMO molasses in a female-owned and-run distillery in Brooklyn. It’s my new go-to happy-hour order.” —Dana DiRaimondo, partner, DiRaimondo & Schroeder LLP

4. Bump Charger

From $40,
“It packs all you need in a small, stylish package: battery, USB adapter, charging cable, and organizer that keeps everything tangle free.” —Luis Lee, user experience designer

5. Chikarashi

From $10,
“Poké bowls have become very mainstream this year. I was recently in New York, and I tried Chikarashi’s version in Chinatown. The fish and other ingredients were on point—fresh and perfectly seasoned.” —Jiyoung Chang, senior program manager, Adobe

6. Rains Raincoat

From $85,
“The Danes know how to make amazing rain gear. I was introduced to the Rains brand by my sibling and have not looked back. Their raincoats are the best—lightweight and easy to tuck away.” —Steph Leke, media relations manager, The New Republic

advertisement Planner[Photo: Celine Grouard for Fast Company]

7. Planner

From $20,
“I need organization to accomplish pretty much anything. agendas are so cute and fit easily into my purse. They come with adorable stickers and reminders for things like National Taco Day.” —Alyssa DiGirolamo, organizational development coordinator, OnDeck

8. Hylamide Skin Care From Deciem

From $20,
“Deciem is a beauty company that carries exciting, independent skin-care brands with extremely interesting technological propositions. Hylamide’s Boost serums come in five varieties, such as Glow, which uses keto sugar to make skin more radiant. They’re cool as hell.” —Jennifer Murtell, cofounder and vice president, Navy Agency

Y7 yoga studios

9. Y7 Yoga Studios

From $25,
“The Y7 yoga classes, in New York City, combine high-energy flow sequences, hip-hop beats, candlelit studios, and an amazing community of passionate teachers to make yoga feel more like dance class.” —Kit Krugman, chief curator, Co:Collective

10. Weather Spark

“I’ve been geeking out over this weather site. It’s great for comparing places or planning a vacation—you can see the likelihood for rain, clouds, etc. And you can easily see how it changes over the months of the year.” —Pete Wendt, product manager, Honda