Now You Can Drop The Curtain On 2016 With The Alamo Drafthouse’s “End Credits” Beer

Brewed in Austin in partnership with Independence Brewery, it’s a reward for surviving the weirdest year on record.

WHAT: “End Credits 2016,” a limited-batch chocolate hazelnut porter intended to reward moviegoers for making it through the extremely weird year that has been 2016.


WHO: The Alamo Drafthouse and Independence Brewery.

WHY WE CARE: 2016, man. Where to even start? The obituary page, filled with names like David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali, Merle Haggard, Phife Dawg, Garry Shandling, Anton Yelchin, and Sharon Jones, reads more like a “top ten coolest people” list. The presidential election was among the most miserable in history, and it came with a twist at the end that even managed to ruin the feeling that 2017 would have to be better. Pop culture offered some respite–Zootopia was a delight!–but fans who anticipated the returns to beloved franchises like the Bourne films and X-Men were met with duds. All of which says that, while the future is uncertain, anybody who survived 2016 deserves some kind of reward. And that’s exactly what the Austin-based operations in the Alamo Drafthouse and Independence Brewery have cooked up for people who visit the movie theater chain throughout the rest of the season in “End Credits 2016.” After all of that, we all need a distraction and a drink–it’s good to know that somebody’s got our back in making sure that we have a good one.

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Dan Solomon lives in Austin with his wife and his dog. He's written about music for MTV and Spin, sports for Sports Illustrated, and pop culture for Vulture and the AV Club.