Apple’s iPhone 7 Holiday Spot Is A Touching Junior Version Of “Romeo And Juliet”

It’s all very sweet.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Holiday Spot Is A Touching Junior Version Of “Romeo And Juliet”

WHAT: A new version of “Romeo and Juliet” from Apple to showcase the iPhone 7’s dual camera system.

WHO: Apple

WHY WE CARE: A (very) young and winsome Juliet anxiously awaits her Romeo. Clad in a swishing, silken cape, the similarly youthful Romeo runs through the moonlit streets of Verona and arrives at the Capulet castle. The star-crossed youngsters deliver a perfect rendition of the balcony scene from Act II Scene II of Shakespeare’s classic.

Who is the producer of this cinematic epic? Some heavyweight Hollywood type? Nah, actually it’s just dad. It’s Juliet’s dad with an iPhone 7, demonstrating that the phone’s camera system capabilities are so advanced that a video of your kid’s school play can feel like a real movie. Even when you’re so choked with parental pride your eyes are filled with tears.

The 30-second spot is the latest in Apple’s “Practically Magic” campaign, which kicked off in September with “Balloons,” a spot launching expressive messaging. Both ads clearly aiming to convey the human emotions that can be experienced when using devices, rather than the nuts and bolts of the technology.

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