Domino’s Takes Loyalty Program To The Next Level By Giving Out Company Stock

The brand aims to pay back its super fans with a new twist on its Piece of the Pie Rewards program.

Domino’s Takes Loyalty Program To The Next Level By Giving Out Company Stock

When you hear the words “corporate loyalty program,” does it warm the cockles of your consumer heart? Or make you dry heave at the prospect of having to carry around yet another damn card that may, someday, get you something for free?

Long a brand that’s been looking at delivering pizza in new ways, now Domino’s has launched a new initiative aimed at innovating the good ol’ loyalty program. The company, with agency CP+B, has expanded its Piece of the Pie Rewards program to go far beyond the free pizza for every six digital orders.

Now there’s a chance for people to get more than a million dollars in company stock and store profits. All existing and new rewards members are eligible for a chance to receive 10 shares of Domino’s stock every month (currently hovering around an all-time high after seven years of consistent growth) until November 2017. Members who share their Domino’s love on social media are also eligible for up to $10,000 each in store profits.

CP+B EVP/executive creative director Tony Calcao says the brand asked the agency to completely rethink their rewards program. “A few of the big QSR (quick service restaurant) chains have one and they have proved successful for them, says Calcao. “However, Domino’s doesn’t do ‘conventional,’ so the challenge was to make this rewards program unique and unlike any other.”

Fostering loyalty has always been important of marketing and advertising, but CP+B creative director Kelly McCormick says they decided to look at the concept from a slightly different value perspective.

“Loyalty programs are often based on the definition of loyalty from a brand’s POV only–How do we hook them? How do we keep them coming back?–rather than considering loyalty to be a two-way street,” says McCormick. “To consumers, real loyalty doesn’t come from bribery. It comes from building relationships that are inherently- and mutually-rewarding. That’s why we sought to make the Piece of the Pie program bigger than just free pizza. We wanted to recognize the most loyal customers as more than just customers, and welcome them into being a bigger part of Domino’s at large by rewarding them with company stock and store profits.”

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