What Do You Get When You Mix An EDM Festival With A Renaissance Faire?

Well, you get a special invitation from Hodor, for one.

What Do You Get When You Mix An EDM Festival With A Renaissance Faire?

WHAT: A video announcing the Middlelands Music Festival in Todd Mission, Texas (outside of Houston).

WHO: The video features Kristian Nairn–the actor who plays Hodor on Game of Thrones, and who is also a DJ–and the festival is a partnership between C3 Presents and Insomniac.

WHY WE CARE: The Venn diagram between “renaissance faire” and “EDM” has a small overlap, but right there in the center holding the gap like Hodor so bravely held the door between the White Walkers and Bran’s crew on Game of Thrones is Kristian Nairn. He’s the perfect choice to introduce Middlelands, which is somehow the second music festival in Texas to utilize one of the state’s renaissance fairgrounds (the first being last month’s Sound On Sound Festival outside of Austin). All of this is pretty interesting, because as music festival saturation hits its peak–seemingly every mid-sized or larger city has at least one–finding a way to make ’em stand out is a unique challenge. Reaching the overlap of people who might want to go to an EDM fest and people who might want to go to the ren faire, but who need an extra push to get them to actually do either, is a heck of a way to pull that off. Now that we’re at Peak Music Festival, this sort of thing seems more likely–we might not see, like, a Lilith Fair for furries anytime in the immediate future, but finding ways to cater to multiple niche audiences at once seems like a winner for the future of the business model.

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