From Sharing Great Stories To Bruce Lee’s Genius: November’s Top Leadership Stories

This month’s top stories may help you scrap that lame story from your repertoire and turn to Bruce Lee for career inspiration.

This month we learned how Bruce Lee’s personal development techniques are still so powerful, why some of the worst stories business leaders tell aren’t really stories at all, and how the most effective managers keep their teams motivated over the long haul.


These are the stories you loved in Leadership in November 2016:

1. The Top Four Mistakes That Make Business Leaders Awful Storytellers

“Let me tell you a story real quick” is not a good way to start telling a story, says one expert on business communication. Worse still, some people think the information they’re sharing amounts to a story–and present it that way–when it really isn’t. Here’s how to do it right.

2. How Running A Marathon Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

This startup founder ran the Berlin Marathon for the first time earlier this year. As runners descended on New York City the first weekend in November for the same grueling gauntlet, Svetlana Dotsenko shared how her training regimen helped her tackle the learning curve as a first-time entrepreneur.

3. My Dad Was Bruce Lee—Here’s How He Still Inspires Me And Others To Innovate

It isn’t widely known that the martial arts master was also a prolific writer who meticulously documented his personal development. “His energy,” Lee’s daughter Shannon reflects, “captivated audiences and motivated people to action.” This month, she explained how it still does.

4. Six Things Great Bosses Constantly Remind Their Teams

The most effective managers aren’t just unilaterally welcoming and supportive. They create cultures based on an open dialogue with their team members–and that takes continual action. These are some of the simple repeated behaviors it takes to generate that trust.

5. Four Email Subject Lines That Make Everyone Hate You

Your simple follow-up email may seem harmless enough, but on the other end, somebody is staring at their inbox and grinding their teeth. This month we learned why certain email subject lines are likely to backfire, leaving others feeling more aggravated than interested in helping you.


6. Why Danny Meyer Employees Never Say “No Problem”

Staff members at the chef and restaurateur’s establishments have strict rules about how to respond to hearing “thank you” from guests: “My pleasure” or “You’re welcome” are fair game, but “No problem” isn’t. “It’s two negative words in a row,” a consultant who works closely with Meyer, explains.

7. The Gender Pay Gap Is Still Widest In Tech, Says Glassdoor’s Chief Economist

The tech sector continues to drag its feet on closing the gender pay gap, according to a new analysis by Glassdoor. Among 16 of the top tech roles the employer review platform keeps track of, a dozen had gender pay gaps that were higher than the national average.

8. Why Nearly Half Of Workers Globally Could Leave Their Jobs In 2017

One recent survey finds that over a quarter of U.S. employees plan to look for a new job within the next 12 months, and another 15% are already actively job searching. The main reason? Bad management.

9. These Are The College Majors With The Fastest Salary Growth

College grads should look beyond starting salaries when considering majors linked to certain career paths. While people entering the workforce in fields like medicine and law may bring home higher paychecks than their peers right away, their salaries likely won’t grow as fast from that point onward. Here’s a look at the degrees associated with the quickest salary progression.

10. Former Fellow To Peter Thiel: You Can Have Your Money Back

The Thiel Fellowship awards $100,000 grants to students under 22 years old to drop out of school and pursue an innovative project. But since the program’s billionaire benefactor Peter Thiel is a high-profile Trump supporter and now part of the president-elect’s transition team, one fellow says he’s had enough. Earlier this month, Cosmo Scharf explained why he cut ties.