Ad-Rock’s New Sneaker Collab Is The Latest Way The Beastie Boy Plans To Fight Trump

As the former Beasties fight for more than just their right to party, Adam Horovitz is donating 100% of the profits to Planned Parenthood.

WHAT: The Ramos Ad-Rock sneaker.


WHO: Former Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz, in collaboration with vegan shoe company Keep, to benefit Planned Parenthood.

WHY WE CARE: When they debuted, the Beastie Boys were a group of bratty, sexist, homophobic teenagers indulging their childish perspective on a record, but by the mid ’90s, they were well on their way into a second act that had them atone for what they described as the “shitty and ignorant things” they said early on by becoming stalwart voices for women’s rights, the LGBT community, the Free Tibet movement, and more. Since the 2012 death of founding member Adam Yauch, though, the group’s surviving members–who had no intention of continuing without the voice born and bred in Brooklyn, U.S.A. who they called Adam Yauch, but who was MCA–have been relatively quiet. That’s changed in recent weeks, though, as the election of Donald Trump appears to have galvanized Adam Horovitz, who responded to swastikas that appeared in Brooklyn’s Adam Yauch Park after the election of Donald Trump by hosting a rally in that same space named after his former bandmate.

This week, Horovitz announced his next move–this time, that comes in the form of a winter-weather vegan sneaker, which comes in striking black and pink, in collaboration with footwear company Keep. The shoe is a take on the company’s popular Ramos style with bright pink laces and the name “HOROVITZ” spelled out in the same color on the back heel. Releasing a shoe isn’t much of a political statement no matter the colors it uses, but what is notable is that all of the net proceeds from sales of the collaboration go to Planned Parenthood–an organization that the same forces that swept Trump into office are actively looking to hobble as part of their new agenda. Whatever the future holds for Horovitz, it’s nice to see him back in the game, and fighting for more than just the right to party.

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