Beyoncé Is Selling Punny Santa-Themed Merch This Holiday Season

Trade in the egg nog for some fresh lemonade.

WHAT: A series of new, Christmas-themed items at Beyoncé’s web shop.


WHO: Beyoncé, obviously.

WHY WE CARE: “If Beyoncé does it, it’s news” is more or less a maxim for the pop culture-obsessed media, and look: Beyoncé did a thing! Mostly, that thing is selling new Christmas merch built around the fact that “slay” and “sleigh” are homophones, since Beyoncé’s “slay”-themed products were legion, and you can wear a festive red or green “I Sleigh All Day” sweatshirt for the next month if “Beyoncé superfan who also loves the holiday season” is part of your personal brand. If sweatshirts aren’t your thing, but you need to express your membership in the Beyhive and your love of Christmas in other ways, fear not: There’s also a crop-top with a lemon in a stocking (with a lil’ bee floating away from it) and the words “I Came To Sleigh” on the back, as well as blue and yellow wrapping paper featuring a collage of lemons, a cartoon Beyoncé with the baseball bat “Hot Sauce” that she wields in the “Hold Up” video, candy canes, and Queen Bey in the hat she wears in the “Formation” video. The true meaning of the holiday season is giving, after all, and the opportunity to share your presents in a way that allows you to also bestow upon your loved ones your Beyoncé enthusiasm is just an extra gift from Bey to you.

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