Volvo Trucks Shreds Nerves (Again) With A New Paragliding “Live Test” Film

Well, that’s one way to get to the top of a mountain.

Volvo Trucks Shreds Nerves (Again) With A New Paragliding “Live Test” Film

WHAT: Volvo Trucks film, “The Flying Passenger,” featuring pro paraglider, Guillaume Galvani.

WHO: Volvo Trucks, Forsman & Bodenfors

WHY WE CARE: Try watching this and not caring! A man is paragliding attached to the back of a truck. Really. Whether he stays in the air or not depends entirely upon the speed at which the truck is traveling. Truck driver, Louise Marriott (nice touch), applies ferocious concentration to keep Galvani flying and since she is driving up a mountain pass, it is, at times, touch and go. His feet scrape along the ground more than once.

Marriot is not relying on concentration alone, however, she is aided by the truck’s own systems, which is the point of the spot. Like previous executions in Volvo Truck’s Live Tests series, which included, of course, Jean Claude Van Damme’s “Epic Split,” the ad showcases a specific piece of technology. In this case it’s the “unique powertrain with the D13 engine and the I-shift dual clutch”. This system enables a Volvo FH to keep up its speed on hilly and curvy roads and still save fuel. Which is all very well, right up until the point Galvani shrieks, “Tunnel ahead!”

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