A Billboard Art Show For The Masses And The Homeless

WHAT: The Billboard Creative (TBC) nonprofit’s annual billboard art show in Los Angeles, which rolls out December 1-9, and remains up through the end of the month.

WHO: Founder Adam Santelli, curator Mona Kuhn, veteran artists Paul McCarthy and Alex Prager. A full list of participating artists can be found here.

Brittany Marcoux

WHY WE CARE: This month, 45 billboards gracing some of the busiest intersections around Los Angeles will become a digitally connected citywide art gallery of works from established and emerging artists from seven countries. This is TBC’s third and largest such art show, posting works chosen from a curated, blind-submission process on unused and remnant billboards.

A free TBC mobile app launches concurrently in the iPhone App Store providing a map of the show’s billboard locations, digital art section, blog highlighting under-the-radar art events, and soundtrack.

Mike Dempsey

This year, TBC worked with The People Concern, an L.A. nonprofit trying to end homelessness, to include a collaborative work from participants of the Lamp Arts Program, an arts studio and creative center for the Skid Row community. Clear Channel and TBC donated that board, at the corner of 5th Street and San Pedro, to promote understanding of Skid Row residents.

“The injection of artistic speech into the urban environment offers an occasion for commuters to pause and contemplate,” says Kuhn in a statement. “We hope to facilitate a cultural exchange, connecting artists with large audiences and bringing art to many people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see it.”SK